Radium Hill Historical Association

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About Us

The Radium Hill Historical Association

This association has evolved in response to a survey of former Radium Hill residents conducted in 1990 as to whether or not they were interested in having a Radium Hill Reunion in 1991. From the very positive response to have a Reunion, the Radium Hill Pioneers Cemetery was rehabilitated, a book entitled

“We Were Radium Hill”

Was written, and a Reunion attended by over 400 people was held in Radium Hill and Adelaideon the Easter week-end of 1991. A Newsletter was written and posted to some 300 people out-lining ongoing activities of the group. A reunion in 2006 celebrated the Centenary of Radium Hill's initial discovery in 1906. It brought together those folk who were born at the A.I.M. Hospital (117) and those who attended the Radium Hill School.

A varying number of folk (100 approx) spend Easter of each year camped on the old School grounds. A number of former residents had requested that their remains be buried in the Radium Hill Pioneer Cemetery and their wishes are carried out during Easter.
Historic tours, "Ghost Town Cabarets", Anzac Commemoration services and other varied activities are also conducted.
Our initial name, "The Radium Hill Community Assn." was changed to "The Radium Hill Historical Association Inc. For legal purposes

Our Newsletter is now called the "Radio Activity". ........And then the rest of what is written.

“Radio Activity”

In keeping with the original name of the newsletter printed in Radium Hill. The mailing list of this newsletter has been over 650 and is posted out in February each year to ex-Radium Hill residents and families. The objective of the association are to establish and preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the former Radium Hill town, Pioneers Cemetery, and Heritage Museum. To act as a focus regarding news, information and welfare of former Radium Hill residents and their families.

The Achievements of the Association would not have been possible without the efforts of voluntary helpers, donations of money, goods and services for which is sincerely thankful.

“Committee Members”

President : Jimi Krecu

Vise President : Michael Phillips

Secretary : Evan Lloyd

Treasurer : Evan Lloyd

Pam Barrett

Sandra and Phillip Dumont

Lois Harvie

Barry and Sylvia Kakoschke

Rodney Lawrence

Kieran McCosker

Lynda Sisson